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  • Ladies Night Out
    at Panera Bread

    1st Thurs. of month 6:30 pm
  • mensMen's Night Out
    Location Fruitland Denny's
    2nd Thurs. of month 6:30 pm
  • Route 66Route 66
    A Journey thru the Bible
    Returning this Fall
  • workdaySBF Workday
    Saturday, Aug 1 8:30am-1pm
    Come lend a hand
  • Baptism & Beach Party
    Sunday , Aug 23 4 pm
    Assateague Island Nat'l Park

This Week

hidden God

How do you follow God in morally, spiritually, and culturally ambiguous situations when you’re kind of flying blind and you don’t really know whats the right thing to do? Join us as we look at the story of how one woman's choices literally saved an entire race of people.Sermons


Salisbury Bible Fellowship is an independent, non-denominational church committed to making a difference in people’s lives, calling them to a deep, genuine relationship with God and helping one another grow as we follow Him. We want to develop contagious Christ-followers who have a passion for God, devotion to one another, and compassion for others.